I'm just a grad student with a cute dog who likes music, keeps physically active, and loves philosophy.

To clarify: it's my dog who likes music, keeps physically active, and loves philosophy. I'm just a grad student.


Okay, more seriously:


I'm currently a Tallahassee resident, but I'm from South Florida.


I am working on my PhD at Florida State University, where I also received my bachelor's (philosophy & psychology) and master's (philosophy) degrees. You can learn more about my research interests on the 'Home' and 'Projects' pages.

If I'm not doing philosophy, I'm probably spending time with my dog, Blue (pictured goofily to the left), or with friends or family, or else am reading, watching, or listening to something, playing some game, or doing something physical. I'm also a semi-avid concert- and movie-goer when there aren't pandemics afoot.